Week 6 – Schools Around the World

What is the name of your school? How do you get there? What are some cool things about your school?

Here is some of the information about my school.

1. My school name is St. Ignatius School, and we are a Catholic school. Our school day starts at 8:30 AM, and ends at 3:15 PM. Each period is 48 minutes long, and we switch to a different classroom at the end of every period.

2. Our school started in 1958.

3. We have 2 break times. One is a snack time at 10:06, and one is recess/lunch time at around 12:00. You can either bring your own lunch to school, or order it online, then pick it up at lunchtime.

4. If you are on the road, facing our school, to the left you will see the brick school building. Behind and to the left of the building is the parking lot, and and playground. The the right, you will see the church (also brick) In the very front of the road is a white building which is the old rectory.

5. I really like like school, and I miss not being there right now because of the coronavirus. I really like how we get a lot of work done but in a fun way, and how I get to see my friends every day that we are at school.








6 thoughts on “Week 6 – Schools Around the World

  1. Hi, my name is Evan and I live in California. I see you miss going to school. I also miss going to school as well. What do you miss about going to school?

    • Hi Evan,
      The thing that I most miss about going to school is that I can’t see my friends in person.

      Thanks for the comment,

  2. Hi Marco,

    That’s cool, are you doing any online classes? how much is the Coronavirus effecting your school?
    Also my best friends cat is named Marco.


    • Hi Syifa,
      I am doing online classes. My school has been effected a lot from coronavirus, and we are closed until next school year. How about you? How much have you been effected? That is also really cool about your best friend’s cat.

      Thanks so much for the comment,

  3. Hello Marco,
    I like how you organized your post. It was easy to read and informative. I noticed you have two break times at your school. That sounds really nice. Our day was structured a bit differently. I think breaks are important too. I saw that you missed your friends. I miss people too! I am a teacher and have read a lot of blogs. It seems many of us miss interacting with our friends and extended family. I hope that you continue to share your thoughts and ideas on your blog. Thanks for sharing! Mrs. Hall

  4. Hi Mrs. Hall,
    Thanks for the comment and for the compliments. You mentioned that your school day is structured differently. How does your school day go?

    Thanks again for the comment,

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