Week 1 – All About Me

  1. My name is Marco and I’m in 6th grade
  2. I am 12 years old
  3. My favorite subject is math
  4. I love to play football and basketball
  5. My favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia sports teams (76ers, Eagles, etc.)
  6. My favorite color is dark blue
  7. My favorite food is pasta
  8. My favorite movie series is The Avengers
  9. I like talking and playing with my friends
  10. I like gym class at school

Please leave a comment if you have a question, and I will answer it.

14 thoughts on “Week 1 – All About Me

  1. Hi marco,

    I like basketball too. Do you play for a team or do you just play for fun? Do you have a favorite TV series?

    From Syifa

    • Syifa,
      I play basketball for my school team but I also like to just play in the driveway at my house. I don’t think that I really have a favorite TV series, but like I said in my blog, my favorite movie series is The Avengers. I also like Star Wars too.


  2. Hi Marco,

    Nice to meet you! Even though we’re years and continents apart, there are some similarities between you and me. I absolutely love Italian food and all pasta, regardless of their colour, size or shape. I also love the blue colour.
    However, there is something else I love doing that you don’t even mention: reading. Maybe you do like reading but just forgot to include it…well if you are a reader, have you got a favourite book / author you can share with me?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Best wishes,
    Mrs Duarte

    • Hello Mrs. Duarte,
      That is really cool that you also like the color blue and pasta. What is your favorite type of pasta? Mine is cheese ravioli. I do like reading, and one of my favorite authors is Tim Green. He is a former professional American football player, and he writes books about kids who play baseball and American football. My favorite book that he has written is The Big Game. It has a lot of action, and I felt like I never wanted to stop reading it. I also like the book series Percy Jackson written by Rick Riordan. It is about Greek Mythology.
      Thanks for leaving me a comment, and stay safe!

  3. @Marco,

    Astonishing All About me! I adored it so much you should be very proud of yourself because I am amazed by your special, creative, awesome, and exciting post. Maybe when you grow up you can be a famous writer you would be perfect at it but I am not forcing you to grow up to be a writer. Be who you want to be when you grow up. Did you know I am a fan of football too? GO BRONCOS!

    Your bud,
    Disco Pets

    • @Discopets,

      Thanks so much for the comment. I do like writing and I actually have thought of being a writer. That’s awesome that you also like football. However I cannot agree one bit about rooting for the Broncos. GO EAGLES!!!!!

      Thanks again for the comment,

  4. Sorry that i could not get back to you to answer your question i Love ravioli and your blog is very interesting.

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