Week 6 – Schools Around the World

What is the name of your school? How do you get there? What are some cool things about your school?

Here is some of the information about my school.

1. My school name is St. Ignatius School, and we are a Catholic school. Our school day starts at 8:30 AM, and ends at 3:15 PM. Each period is 48 minutes long, and we switch to a different classroom at the end of every period.

2. Our school started in 1958.

3. We have 2 break times. One is a snack time at 10:06, and one is recess/lunch time at around 12:00. You can either bring your own lunch to school, or order it online, then pick it up at lunchtime.

4. If you are on the road, facing our school, to the left you will see the brick school building. Behind and to the left of the building is the parking lot, and and playground. The the right, you will see the church (also brick) In the very front of the road is a white building which is the old rectory.

5. I really like like school, and I miss not being there right now because of the coronavirus. I really like how we get a lot of work done but in a fun way, and how I get to see my friends every day that we are at school.








Week 5 – Earth Day

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is something that has affected our Earth in many different ways.

Ways that plastic affects our Earth:

  • Chemicals – Chlorinated plastic can give off chemicals that eventually sink into the ground and sometimes into water sources. Animals or humans that drink from these sources (groundwater, rivers, lakes, etc.) can be very harmed by these chemicals.
  • Ocean – When plastic is dumped in the ocean, it can have a huge impact on the sea creatures living there. This plastic is sometimes ingested by sea creatures, and can even suffocate them, which can lead to the death of many fish, sharks, etc.


  • Since the 1950s, about 18.2 trillion pounds of plastic has been produced.
  • About 14 billion pounds of plastic are dumped in the ocean each year.
  • It is projected that by 2050, 99% of sea birds will have consumed plastic.

What you can do to help

  • The 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. For example, you could go shopping, and get a few plastic bags, then reuse them a few times, then recycle them.
  • Make sure you put all recyclables in the recycling can, and all trash products in the trash can.

Trash vs. Recycle: Do You Know When to Trash it? - American ...

Where I got these facts from

  • https://americanlifestylemag.com/life-culture/health/trash-vs-recycle-do-you-know-when-to-trash-it/
  • https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/plastic-how-planet-earth-environment-oceans-wildlife-recycling-landfill-artificial-a7972226.html
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_pollution

Week 4 – Free Verse

Hello Everybody! This week’s assignment is to do a free verse, so here is a short story that I wrote…

Jason was soaked with sweat as he jogged over to his team’s bench for a timeout. He looked up at the scoreboard, and it read, Home – 49 Visitors – 35 with 3:47 left in the state championship for Jason’s basketball team. Unfortunately, his team was the visitors. He payed attention to the plays that his coach was telling them to do, then jogged back out to the court. They needed to come back 14 points in less than 4 minutes. Unfortunately, things got even worse. The opposing team scored two three pointers in a row, before Jason’s teammate, Timmy scored a layup, making the score 55 – 37 with  2:58 on the clock. However, Jason’s team was able to make a big comeback, making the score 59 – 56, but they were still losing, and had only 37 seconds left in the game. The next two drives just made the game even closer. Both teams scored, the opposing team got a two pointer, and Jason’s team got a three pointer. This made the score 61-59 with just 5 seconds left on the clock, and Jason’s team was in bounding it from the far end of the court. Timmy threw the ball far to Jason, and the clock started to tick down. Jason dribbled the ball up to half court, 0:03, he brought the ball up, 0:02, finally he shot the ball with all of his power, with 1 second left. The buzzer went off as the ball soared through the air, and swished straight through the net. Jason had won the game.

Week 3 – Image Story






This is an image story. I will start off the story based on the picture, then please comment the next sentence. Please include the previous sentences in your comment.

  1. Jimmy sprinted down the basketball court, dribbling the ball with 3 seconds left, ready to shoot.





Week 1 – All About Me

  1. My name is Marco and I’m in 6th grade
  2. I am 12 years old
  3. My favorite subject is math
  4. I love to play football and basketball
  5. My favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia sports teams (76ers, Eagles, etc.)
  6. My favorite color is dark blue
  7. My favorite food is pasta
  8. My favorite movie series is The Avengers
  9. I like talking and playing with my friends
  10. I like gym class at school

Please leave a comment if you have a question, and I will answer it.